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Oregon, is a great place to live and visit. I know, because I was born and raised here. I've been to all but three of our states, I've traveled all over the country, since I can remember. So, go ahead and visit the other states, you'll end up with wonderful memories and all, but make sure to vacation in Oregon, too. We have a lot of history, mountains, rivers and lakes, desert, covered bridges, cowboys and indians, (to a point) and much, much more. We also have plenty of rain, to keep this state green, but best of all, we have the Pacific Ocean, and The Oregon Trail.
Tiny Mt. Hood
Information about Oregon, then and now, is always welcome for this site. If you have a site, or page, that you would like to link to this one, please let me know. If you would like to contribute your research, information, or even photos, maps, maybe drawings, or letters, I would be more than happy to put it on this site, as long as it does not infringe any copyright laws. Please enjoy your stay, to not only this site on Oregon, but Oregon, itself.
This is just a tiny taste of Oregon.
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Portland And Mt. Hood
Two beautiful sights in one.
Part of downtown Portland, over looking a snow
covered Mt.Hood.
Crater Lake
Crater Lake and
Wizard Island,
in the Summer.
The Golden Pioneer
The Golden Pioneer,
on top of the
Oregon State Capital Building.
Yaquinaa Head LighthouseHeceta Head Lighthouse
Yaquinaa Head Lighthouse,
one of our many beautiful lighthouses.

Table Rock
Table Rock Wilderness,
along the Western Foothills,
of The Cascades.

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Tiny Mt. Hood
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