(Bowel Motion, Bowel Motions, Stool, Stools)

Waste matter from digested food that is passed out of the bowel through the rectum (back passage).

Familial Adenomatous Polyposis

A rare disease that causes lots of benign polyps (small growths that are not cancerous) to grow in the bowel. People with FAP have an increased risk of getting bowel cancer.

Family History

Record of the medical complaints in relatives to see whether any diseases run in the family.


Extreme tiredness.

Female Hormones

Oestrogen and Progesterone. Sex Hormones found in women which control fertility and regulate periods.


The ability to have children.


Having an abnormally high body temperature. Usually taken to mean a temperature above 38oC or 98.4oF.


Fibrous lump found in the breast which is not cancer.


Abnormal increase in amount of fibrous tissue. Occurs as a side effect of radiotherapy. Makes the affected tissue less stretchy.

Fine Needle Aspiration
(Fine Needle, FNA)

Type of biopsy where a very thin needle is put into a breast lump and a sample of fluid and cells sucked out. The cells are looked at under a microscope to see if they are cancerous.

Five Year Survival

The proportion (percentage) of people with a particular type of cancer who are still alive 5 years after the cancer was first diagnosed.


(5 Fluorouracil, 5-FU, 5FU)
Anti-cancer drug.


Anti-androgen tablet. Stops the testicles from producing testosterone (the male sex hormone).


See Fine Needle Aspiration.

Folinic Acid

Drug used to treat bowel cancer. It is actually a vitamin. It is given along with 5-Fluorouracil (chemotherapy) after surgery because it is thought that it may increase the effectiveness of the chemotherapy. See Fluorouracil.

Follicular Large Cell

Type of lymphoma. The lymphocytes appear large under the microscope and are grouped together. This is an intermediate grade lymphoma. See Follicular Type, Grade: Lymphomas, Lymphoma.

Follicular Mixed Cell

Type of lymphoma. There are both small and large lymphocytes and they are grouped together. This is a low grade type of lymphoma. See Follicular Type, Grade: Lymphomas, Lymphoma.

Follicular Small Cleaved

Type of lymphoma. The lymphocytes appear small under the microscope and are partly split (cleaved). They are grouped together rather than spread out. This is a low grade type of lymphoma. See Follicular Type, Grade: Lymphomas, Lymphoma.

Follicular Type

Relates to type of lymphoma. Lymphoma can be diffuse or follicular (sometimes called nodular). Under the microscope, the cells appear grouped together. In diffuse type they are more spread out. Follicular lymphomas are usually B cell lymphomas. See B Cell Lymphoma, Diffuse Type, Lymphoma.

Follow Up

Medical appointment to monitor progress after treatment.

Food Diary

Detailed record of what you have eaten and drunk and when. You also record any digestion problems such as pain or wind when they occur. The diary is kept over several days. The aim is to find out which foods or drinks are upsetting your digestion.

Food Supplements
(Build Up, Complan, High Calorie Drinks)

Extra nutrition (food) usually in the form of high energy and high protein drinks. These are available on prescription or can be bought from your chemist. There are a number of different brands, for example Build Up, Complan and Fresubin.


Drug used to treat breast cancer. Hormone treatment which stops oestrogen being produced. See also Aromatase Inhibitors.


To reduce side effects, the total radiotherapy dose is divided into a number of smaller daily doses called fractions. So a fraction is one radiotherapy treatment in a course.


Break or crack in a bone.

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