Is Your Best Friend,
The Cigarette?

How do you feel about a friend that must go everywhere with you?
One that is so offensive to others, that you become unwelcome?

Their peculiar odor, sticks to you, wherever you go,
so you both  stink. When they say "JUMP", you do.

They make you go to the store, all hours of the day or night,
whenever they want you to pick them up.
And, like a puppet, you do.

They burn holes in your clothes,
and have even been known to burn down a house.

They are expensive to support,
and will never give you a penny in return.

They don't like physical activity,
so they make it hard for you to breathe.

They overwork your heart, lungs, the arteries to your heart and brain,
and expose you to cancer-causing agents.

They carry a variety of about 4,000 ingredients other than tobacco,
such as ammonia, arsenic, butane, DDT (a banned insecticide),
lead, and formaldehiyde (used to preserve dead specimens...EEEK).

Every time you smoke, you 're putting youself at risk for sickness.
Cigarettes have been plotting your death since the first time you met!
Didn't you know that?

Some friend, your cigarette!
Do you really need a friend like this?

Get rid of them, NOW!

Why not try munching on some some celery,
carrot, or even bread sticks,
instead of putting a cigarette in your mouth?
They don't many calories, and it might help with food cravings.
Fill up an empty cigarette pack with sugarfree gum.
Take one out and chew as often as needed.

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