Think About This

A Healthy Lung

An Ugly Cancerous Lung

This Is What Poor Circulation,
From Smoking Can Cause

Which one of the three above things,
would you rather have as yours,
if you had to choose?

Think About This!!!

Am I trying to scare ages 17 and below? Yes.
Am I trying to scare 18 an above? Yes.
This is what Larry's Dream, Inc,, is all about;
scaring people into quiting, and not to ever start smoking.
Once started, it's a bad, and deadly, habit to quit. I know, because it has killed too many of my friends, and loved ones. My oldest son (who smokes) saw his dad die from cancer. No matter how hard you try to quit, that nicotine, nags at you. Where ever you go in this world, you're bound to run into someone who smokes. Try quiting when all of your friends smoke. Also, someome who starts to quit, can be mean. In my case, as the nonsmoker, I get yelled at. Well, I'd rather get yelled at, then to see another loved one die. It's the worse pain ever. My life stopped, when Larry died. I'm just now, picking up the pieces. If you smoke, PLEASE QUIT!! If you don't, then I applaud you. A lot of you reading this, are teenagers. Stand up for yourself, and...

Think About This!!!

By the way, for those of you wondering, yes,
Michael has cut down on his smoking, big time.

I would love, very soon, to put on this page, that he quit for good.
All we can do is pray. (I've done all the tricks.)

Update: January 200
3 - Michael hasn't smoked for a few months now. He feels so much better. I knew he could do it.

Update: December 200
3 - Michael has held up for over a year now; he even puts other people down, just like he use to when he was

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