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All Of A Sudden

It's like nothing I have experienced before.
The classes and people around me, grew silent.
We all gazed at one another,
American to American.
Standing eye to eye,
Seeing each others souls,
Their pain was revealed.
As a generation that could never shut up,
An eerie silence fell upon us that day;
September 11, 2001.
As we stared at each other,
Some eyes with tears in them,
Others full of fear and hatred,
And a lot of confusion.
A tragedy this great,
Has never fallen upon us before.
Something like this can only be a dream;
And suddenly, it's reality.
We are forced to believe the unbelievable...
All of a sudden,
The real world hit us.
As we stumbled down the hallways,
Some talked of the ordeal,
Others just thought silently.
Confusion and helplessness hung in the air.
Lockers slammed, and we continued through our days,
Surely, to never forget this one.
For something like this cannot be happening.
We will all wake up,
But this time we didn't.
And we are faced with the brutal truth
we must grow up in more than one way now.
It was like nothing we have ever experienced.
All of a sudden,
Our world's changed forever...

(by special permission)
Written by McMinnville High School student (Oregon)
Amanda Cline - 15 years of age - September 12, 2001

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