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The Making Of America's Favorite Statue

The Statue Of Liberty
*The Statue Of Liberty*
Liberty stands 152 feet from the base to the torch and
weighs 225 tons and is sheathed in copper. A gift from
the people of France it was dedicated on October 28, 1886.
Liberty Ball
Bartholdi's Paris Studio
*Bartholdi's Paris Studio*
French scholar, Edouard de Laboulaye, proposed the statue
as a symbol of the friendship of America and France. The
sculptor was Frederick Bartholdi. On the stand at the left is
the silver globe and torch given to Bartholdi by Tiffany and Co.
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Framing Lady Liberty
*Framing Lady Liberty*
The original four foot model, was enlarged to full scale, then divided
into sections made of lath and plaster. Bartholdi, is showing a top hatted
visitor, the process. The job of the workman, on the sleeve, is apparent.
Liberty Ball
Shaping The Plates
*Shaping The Plates*
The shoulder and arm of Lady Liberty, rises through the floor.
From thousands of measurements, wooden molds were made
for every section of the statue. Metal workers hammered
copper sheets 3/32 seconds of an inch thick, to form the statue.
Liberty Ball
Assemblying The Statue
*Assemblying The Statue*
Bartholdi, had his friend, engineer Gustave Eiffel, design
a framework of iron, to which the copper plates were attached.
Eifel, would soon design the famed tower that bears his name.
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Lady Liberty Over Paris
*Lady Liberty Over Paris*
As months passed, the looming figure of Lady Liberty, began
to rise over the streets of Paris. When the statue was completed,
the scaffolding was removed, for a dedication on July 4, 1884.
Then the scaffolding was set up again, and the statue dismantled.
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Arm In Philadelphia
*Arm In Philadelphia*
Americans, did not match French enthusiasm, in raising funds for
the statue. To help finance the base, a full size arm and torch, went
to Philadelphia, in 1876, and was displayed at the Centennial Exposition.
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The Torch In Madison Square
*The Torch In Madison Square*
After the Centennial, the arm was exhibited in New York City.
There was little interest in the statue, and the New York Times, said,
"The arm "excited the warm admiration of the infants, who infest the place."
Liberty Ball
Pedestal Completed
*Pedestal Completed - 1885*
A disinterested public failed to raise enough money for the
base, after eight years of effort. Publisher, Joseph Pulitzer, began
a massive campaign, in his New York World, and stirred people
into action. When the statue arrived it received a rousing welcome.
Liberty Ball
New York Dedication
*New York Dedication - 1886*
A French flag, covers Lady Liberty's face. The blast of cannons, salutes the
arrival of President Grover Cleveland. In the head of his creation,
Bartholdi, stands with a rope. At a signal, he tugs at the rope, and
the flag falls away. An emotional moment for him, and all Americans.

Our Lady Liberty
Beautiful, Is't She?

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